Sunday, June 8, 2014

Paper Prodigiousness…


I’ve been on a paper tear for a couple of weeks now. That means little sewing and lots of messy paints, stamps, glue, and inks. It’s great fun. First I put a toe in the water of an online art journal project called The Documented Life. Each week participants create a spread in a book that's part daily minder and part art journal. Spreads are based on prompts provided by the organizers. One of them was to include an image of my front door which is where I began. The group is on week 22, I’m on week one. But we all start somewhere, right? It’s exciting to give this a whirl. We’ll see where it goes.


And I can hardly watch a YouTube video on paper projects without grabbing some paper and giving the technique a try. That’s how I wound up with these two fancy-fied pocket envelopes. They began with a 12” square of two-sided scrapbook paper. They’re embellished with tiny flowers, jewels, press-ons, and ribbons.


Next I dove into making various collage-style envelopes and portfolios. Some have machine stitching on them, so they count as a sewing project in my book.


And finally, I made a Lollapalooza Journal in an online class with artist Martha Lever. I decided to use it for notes from another online class with Bible teacher Beth Moore. Martha’s project really made a dent in my ribbon and fiber collection as the spiral binding got finished off with all manner of ties. I must say I’ve never met a journal I didn’t like, so am amassing quite a nice collection of handmade ones. I tend not to write in them much however. Need to work on that. Paper projects create as many, if not more, scraps as quilting does, so I’m knee deep in scraps. Happily so, though!



Robbie said...

Nancy, your work is amazing in paper!!!!! Each one is so interesting and so many parts to them!!!! Wonderful job!!!! Kudo's to you my friend!!!

1CardCreator said...

Wow you have been so busy, love all your work in paper too. The journal looks fabulous and also looks like a lot of fun. ~Diane

Dorothy Donna Parker said...

Just posted a comment which didn't post! ARG - blogger! Your weekly journal looks like so much fun - I try to do something like that every now and then, however my painting gets in the way. Your envelopes are absolutely delicious and I adore the ribbons on the spine of your Bible Study journal. You are havin' FUN. xoDonna

1CardCreator said...

Hey Nancy, congratulations, you won the stamp set of your choice from My Craft Spot on my blog.
I announced it yesterday on my blog. Shoot me an email with contact information for Kimberly. ~Diane

Martha Lever said...

Nancy, you do such lovely work!! I love it that you put your Beth Moore note in the journal. Thanks for the mention on your blog. Even thought you are just on week one of DLP you will really enjoy it.

Jan said...

It looks as though you might have to change your blog name to mixed media potpourri! Love what you have been doing. Your books and envelopes are coming out great. Your door is very similar to my door. And (catching up) I also love your Yvonne Porchella inspired face on your machine cover. That is a cheerful face! I too am a fan of Roben-Marie and have taken her classes and of course she is also so generous with free tutorials. I'm a sucker for wanting to follow tutorials, I guess that is why my work is so all over the place but I have fun and it looks like you certainly do too. How are the prayer flags holding up?