Sunday, February 2, 2014

Call Me …

I’m back to working with paper and enrolled in an online class called Takin’ Care of Business taught by Gaye Medbury at Creative Workshops. Gaye’s videos covered all of the skills needed to make a soft-cover book using folded pages and an easy method for inserting and sewing the signatures in the book so that the book lays flat when open. Mine is a phone and address book.
The pages are staggered and a few pockets are placed throughout the book. It’s intended to store all of those business cards that seem to pile up in one place. I adhered the ones I’ve collected, but also printed out all of the passwords for various online sites on adhesive address labels and included them in my book. I’ve still got lots of empty pages, so I can keep accumulating. I plan to use one section to keep all of the quilt show reminders for the coming year, too.

This is page one and the inside front cover. We used plain copy paper for the pages, but in another book, I might want to use colored papers. I can dress these up with tapes and cutouts though.
I collaged the front and back cover using scrapbook paper, text paper, and stamps. The book didn’t take long to make, and I really like the heft and weight of it. Lay-flat books are so handy, too, so I know I’ll refer to this one often. Now that I’ve mastered the methods, I’ve got ideas for at least two more books I’d like to make.


Susan said...

Very cool

Nancy said...

Don't you just love making journals....This one looks very interesting with all the different sections you are putting inside...I really like the way you finished the front.....

How are the horses doing?