Monday, July 16, 2012

Creative Cards, and Beautiful Nature!

Here are a few of the cards with original designs made by the women in the prison crafting program. They're ready to send as donations to Operation Write Home, the organization that supplies free handmade greeting cards to deployed members of the military. Although they have limited materials, I'm impressed with how creative the ladies can get. I call one of them "Confetti Queen" as she laboriously cuts and applies the tiny bits to many of her card creations.

And I wanted to share the beautiful sight that greeted me this morning on my way to walk the dog. The air was cool and fresh, you can see Lindy the horse in her paddock, and in the foreground under the tree was an amazing spider web. It went from the lower branches to the ground. And the tree was festooned with other webs. You can see more on the tall grass in the paddock since the light dew made them show up and glisten. 

This is a close-up. Impressive and intricate! It's just the size I'm sure to tangle with on some unsuspecting walk, and wonder what the thin and invisible substance is that damply clings to my arms.


Robbie said...

Nancy, it's so nice the ladies can make these cards!! Do let me know if you need any donation items! I'd be more than happy to donate.
Now about that web! How interesting!! Your camera did a great job!! What a 'tangle' it would make!

Valerie said...

Very nice work! Thanks so much for the view from your walk. I miss those horse ranches.... our back yard connected to Live Oak. Such a refreshing view every day.