Sunday, April 15, 2012

More Bead-a-licious...

Aren't these unique? All of the beads shown in this post are from the recent bead swap held by Lenna Andrews at Creative Swaps. Each participant made up to 20 fabric or paper beads, sent them to Lenna, and she exchanged them so that in return we got back 20 beads made by other participants. The bead group above represents work by Margriet, Jodie, Barbara D., Barbara R., Tiffany and Lenna. They're wire wrapped, fiber rolled, glittered, embossed... the methods used by group members were endless.

The grouping at left include beads made by Becky, Trish, Sabine, both Barbaras noted above, and another one from Margriet. The bead swap included members from Ireland and Germany, as well as many states from New Mexico to Florida. Participants also offered some information on how they made their beads which was helpful to know. The ones I made to swap were shown here.

Part two of the challenge is to make something using all or some of our new beads. My mind is spinning, but so far I have not gotten a project underway. All in good time. I'm just enjoying studying the beads I received for now. And I'm looking at the commercial beads and embellishments I have on hand in case I want to combine them. How about you... any bright ideas to share for using these?

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Lenna Young Andrews said...

Thank you for sharing what you received, nancy! I would agree that it is a good idea to study the beads and see how they inspire you. For me they all said, "put me all together on one colorful necklace!"

For some reason when I look at some of the groups of beads you received, I think of attaching them to the ends of a tassle - making a tassle out of them? Does that make sense? Or perhaps choosing one of the larger ones and making a pin/broach out of it? I am sure you will be creative . . . and if you think of something before May 6th, please post here and and the link on the swaps blog : ))