Sunday, October 23, 2011

Have a Crazy Heart...

Somehow I got started making these patchwork paper hearts with pen-stitched details. And once I did, I couldn't seem to stop. My card making friend Prue gave me a template from a pretty, crazy-pieced heart she made, and things just went crazy from there.

Now call me crazy, but I've signed up for a paper and ephemera swap with an online group. Each participant will put together 10 envelopes containing 10 or more pieces of interesting paper and bits for use in mixed media projects and journals. So each person I swap with will get a patchwork heart to start with, since I've made so many!

I also found these two books in a used book store. I'll tear pages from them to include as well. One is a pattern drafting book in Japanese. There was a time when I felt guilty for cannibalizing books to use in projects. After all, I'm a retired teacher, plus I worked at one time in a library and a bookstore. It was a challenge to overcome that reverence for books that made me gasp at the thought of ripping into them. But really, who's going to want to play "Buckaroo Boogie" anyway? And if they do, they can find the music on the internet, and they'll never miss this piano book I bought for $2. Right?

I'll recieve 10 envelopes in return and each will be full of other people's stuff. You know how intriguing other people's stuff always is. This will be fun!


Donna, Doni, Lady D said...

Your hearts are GORGEOUS! I can see how you could get carried away. Sounds like a fun swap. I had the same issues with books -- however I too am over it now. I feel like I'm giving them new life, when really, some of them will only end up in the land fill. How times change! You will have to keep us posted on what else you put in your envelopes and can't wait to see what you are sent in return. Have a great day, Nancy, and thanks for visiting my blog. :o) Donna

Robbie said...

You do keep busy with all your projects! nice hearts an dI like the addition of the ink! nice effect, Nancy.