Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Whole Lotta Swapping Going On...

I'm participating in yet another online stitch paper swap for the Yahoo book study group. This one is for a "Love Doll". My swap partner is from Germany, so this doll will be well-traveled. Here's the book... I took it to Staples to have a spiral lay-flat binding added. They did it for less than a couple of dollars and my choice of spiral color.

Kelli, the author of our book Stitch Alchemy, noted to be careful while adding stuffing to the dolls. They are not quite as flexible as a cloth doll would be. I learned the hard way that she was right. Over-zealous stuffing ripped a hole in the seat of the doll's britches. Her back is made of craft felt. What to do? I patched her up with a heart.

This doll turned into "Love Doll meets Project Runway." She's stylishly dressed with her tee-shirt and beret. She's carrying a Bahamaian penny in one hand. It will be difficult to part with her when the time comes. I like her. Husband Jack won't be sorry to see her go... he thinks she's scary. What do you think? She could use a name, too. Any thoughts on that?


Susan said...

Roxy, for Cyranno's love Roxanne. I didn't make one, but now that I see them I wish I had taken part in the swap.

Kathy said...

With that one red eye how about Ruby for a name? I really like her colors and embellishments. And yes...I also think she's a bit scary (but then again I read way too much Stephen King stuff). Her new owner will be thrilled with her, I'm sure!